gaamblor (gaamblor) wrote,

some movies

Extract - Astoundingly bad, after 20 minutes i was just perplexed as to how this movie ever got made and it didn't get better. I laughed a few times but there are really not many jokes in the movie.  Office Space was brilliant, Idiocracy was a brilliant premise that barely could stretch to a movie, this one i have no idea what mike judge was thinking or how anyone thought it was  good idea.

Big Fan - A great first 30 minutes but after "the incident" it doesn't really go anywhere and then the ending...well i don't want to spoil it but its weak.  patton oswalt is an interesting casting choice because he looks perfect for the part but if you know anything about him he's not into sports at all.

White Ribbon - I think almost every Michael Haneke movie i've seen i've enjoyed most of it but left feeling frustrated. That is clearly his motive and yet i'll go see the next one so...i'm not sure if he's good or bad but he's got a style that is at least interesting.

Hurt Locker is out on DVD i think my favorite movie of 2009, though i sitll have some catching up to do on DVDs
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